Learn about what our fabric buildings are capable of by reading up on these case studies by Shelter Structures.

When you need an immediate and cost-effective portable warehouse consider a shelter from Shelter StructuresOur shelters can be treated as either a temporary warehouse or permanent solution. Quickly produced and installed, you can have your portable warehouse “ready to go” in a few weeks!



Tensioned fabric structures are portable shelters that provide temporary weather protection and containment solutions. Check out all their advantages here!

Choosing a warehouse location can seem like an overwhelming task! Take these 5 things into consideration when looking for warehouse space. A portable warehouse from Shelter Structures might be the answer!

Learn how having construction shelters onsite can potentially help save a significant amount of money. Construction shelters can also help in keeping the project on schedule, preventing work delays and possible damage to expensive equipment as well as potential harm to employees.

Ever wonder what factors affect the overall cost of fabric shelters? Well we have the answers! There are three major components to a fabric structure that affect cost, including steel, fabric and accessories. Read the full article for all the details!

Last year, much of the U.S. experienced some of the coldest weather on record, with extreme low temperatures and snow halting construction projects across the nation. Shelter Structures can help you avoid those unpleasant work stoppages and potential damage with its temporary weather protection solutions that can keep that expensive machinery, supplies and workers safe from the elements.

When it comes to choosing the right type of building, many people ask what the advantages are of selecting custom fabric buildings over the more traditional brick and mortar style structures. There are 3 simple answers for this question: cost, flexibility, and saving time. This blog post explains each answer! 

Shelter Structures’ aviation fabric shelters have numerous benefits that simply cannot be provided by buying or renting space in a traditional hangar. Learn all the benefits! 

Learn why gable style structures from Shelter Structures are perfect for construction projects in colder climates and winter conditions.